The Lowman Loop is one the best local rides, and has 641 curves with over 3,500' of elevation changes in 155 miles. It rotates from Boise through northbound Hwy 21 to Lowman, westbound Hwy 17 to Banks, southbound Hwy 55 and eastbound State St. back to Boise.

Outside Trudy's Kitchen facing Hwy 21 in Idaho City are several VX800s. Hwy 21 is known as the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, stretching 130 miles from Boise to Stanley.

Trudy's Kitchen in Idaho City was the official VX800 Club Breakfast site. It's some 40 miles north of Boise. The predominately VX800 contingent came from North Carolina, Montana, California, Washington, and (drum roll) Idaho.

Sinclair gas station in Idaho City is the only one in town with next services available in Garden Valley on Hwy 17, and Stanley up Hwy 21.

Old Idaho City right off Hwy 21 is a popular destination for suds, grub, and shopping. Diamond Lil's, on lefthand side of street, is a popular biker hang.

Lowman at Hwy 21/17 jct (facing east) where we regrouped after that narrow, winding 33 mile ride with steep grades from Idaho City.

Lowman at Hwy 21/17 jct (facing south). This marks the beginning of Hwy 17 otherwise known as Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway.

Lowman at Hwy 21/17 jct (facing west). After departing Lowman, we followed Hwy 17 alongside South Fork Payette River for the 33 miles to Banks. Great sweepers and scenery.

Overlooking Hwy 17/55 jct (facing north) where South Fork Payette River merges with Payette River. Great whitewater adventures just about everywhere out here.

Banks by Hwy 17/55 jct (facing north). This is where we regrouped in front of the restrooms after Lowman, and got refreshments.

Banks by Hwy 17/55 jct (facing west). This locale features a store, cafe, restrooms for customers, a rafting outfit (, and the only happening place in Banks. ;^)

Banks by Hwy 17/55 jct (facing east). This is a great location to watch other motorcycles go by or pull in. Three trikes were among the more interesting vehicles there, but left before I could take any pixs.

Banks by Hwy 17/55 jct (facing south). Hwy 55 is called the Payette River Scenic Byway, and runs some 112 miles between Boise and New Meadows. It's a winding, two-lane road. While the rest of the herd backtracked to Idaho City via Lowman, I rode 49 miles south to to my home in Boise via Horseshow Bend which took 52 minutes. It sure was an enjoyable 155 mile ride. :-)